"Are you sure this guy wasn't a plastic surgeon?"

Current Status
Blood Points: 5 of 11 Willpower: 4 of 5 Wound Level: Bruised (Agg)



Dr. Alfred Norton S alf
Race & Kind: Caucasian Vampire
Sex: Male
Age (Apparent): 48 (41)
Hair/Eyes: Brown (Greying)/Blue
Height/Weight: 178cm (5'10")/75.7kg (167lbs)
Bloodline: Tzimisce
Generation: 12th
Archetype: Pedagogue
Place of Origin: Alysham, Norfolk county; UK
Criminal History: No charges on file

Estimated AttributesEdit

Strength 45 Charisma 35 Perception 35
Dexterity 25 Manipulation 25 Intelligence 55
Stamina 25 Appearance 15 Wits 25
Specializations: Strength (Wrenching/Pulling), Intelligence (Problem Solving)

Abilities and AptitudesEdit




Alertness 15 Animal Ken 15 Academics 35
Brawl 45 Drive 25 Computer 15
Dodge 35 Etiquette 15 Finance 15
Empathy 25 Firearms 15 Investigation 15
Leadership 15 Law 15
Subterfuge 15 Medicine 55
Occult 15
Science 25
Specializations: Brawl (Wrestling), Law (Medical), Medicine (Orthopedics), Science (Biology)

Supernatural DisciplinesEdit

Auspex 25 Animalism 05 Vicissitude 35

Development FactorsEdit




Resources 45 Common Sense (1 point) Twitch (1 point)
Generation 15 Concentration (1 point) Deep Sleeper (1 point)
Herd 15 Ancestral Soil Dependence (2 point)
Ally 15

Esoteric ValuesEdit


Final TraitsEdit

Conscience 45 Humanity 5535
Self-Control 45 Willpower 5505
Courage 35 Experience 12 of 29

Background InformationEdit

Subject is a citizen of the United Kingdom. Jewish heritage and religion. Married to Janice Norton, Vietnamese ancestry (UK citizen). Father, Gideon Norton, deceased. He has a mother, Eliza Norton, an older brother George, and a younger sister Guinevere. Subject is extremely skilled with natural ability of Vicissitude and heavily preoccupied with its practice. He is willing to offer pro-bono medical care to staff and peers for the opportunity to practice. The subject apparently is a former orthopedic surgeon from the James Paget Hospital in Norfolk, officially missing and presumed dead in Great Britain after his disappearance about seven years ago.

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Researcher NotesEdit

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