"Sir? I have the Yamano file, as you requested."
"Yes, yes. ...does he seem a little off to you?"
"Off. Strange. Peculiar. Like... I can't put my finger on it, but he seems... almost too cooperative...."
"Perhaps it's a classic 'fish-out-of-water' scenario, Doctor? He's 'peculiar' even to other 'vampires.'"
"Hm... possibly. Doesn't matter. If he takes to field work, I can't complain."
" can, Doctor. And I'm sure you'll find plenty to complain about. As always."

Current Status
Chi Points: Yin 4/Yang 3 Willpower: 4 of 8 Wound Level: Bruised

(Subject ID#) ParametersEdit

Name: Yamano Makoto Makoto
Race & Kind: Euro-Japanese "Kuei-Jin"
Sex: Male
Age (Apparent): 23 (22)
Hair/Eyes: Black/Grey
Height/Weight: 180.5cm (5'11)/79kg (176lb)
Bloodline: N/A
Archetype: "Survivor"
Place of Origin: Unknown; acquired: Detroit
Criminal History: None found

Estimated AttributesEdit

Strength 25 Charisma 35 Perception 55
Dexterity 35 Manipulation 15 Intelligence 25
Stamina 55 Appearance 25 Wits 35
Specializations: Stamina (Tough as Nails), Perception (Attentive)

Abilities and AptitudesEdit




Athletics 35 Crafts 35 Medicine 25
Empathy 35 Martial Arts 35 Occult 35
Streetwise 15 Meditation 25
Melee 25
Performance 15
Security 25
Stealth 25
Survival 15
Specializations: Athletics (Acrobatics)

Supernatural DisciplinesEdit

Bone Shintai 25 Demon Shintai 15 Flame Shintai 25

Development FactorsEdit




Artifact: Omamori 25 Acute Senses: Hearing Incomplete Knowledge
Artifact: Jade Talisman 35 Discipline Dabbler New Arrival
Mentor 25 Rural Fear

Esoteric ValuesEdit


Final TraitsEdit

Yin 45 Hun 45
Yang 45 P'o 45
Dharma 25 Willpower 5535
Tempest of Inner Focus Experience 4 of 20

Background InformationEdit


Completed AssignmentsEdit

  • None.


  • Reinforced suit, throwing knives, Oriental "artifacts."

Researcher NotesEdit

(To be completed by staff only.)

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The "P'o" at rest.

Subject exhibits ability to assume alternate form. It appears to remain fully capable of rational thought and speech. The physiological extent of the transformation is unknown.

Subject seems to resemble a 'kurogo,' Japanese theatre's anonymous stagehands. -NC