Please use the enclosed form to log data regarding each Subject. The following files are on record:

Cerone, Jacob ("A Wikia Contributor")
Hughes, Jaqueline (User:Tarusway)
Lockhart, Nathanial (User:Shanecf)
Norton, Alfred (User:Venatius)
Valdez, Tatsel (User:Ljedediah41)
Yamano Makoto (User:The_wayne)

(Subject ID#) ParametersEdit

Name: * Holder
Race & Kind: *
Sex: *
Age (Apparent): *
Hair/Eyes: *
Height/Weight: *
Bloodline: *
Essence Rating: *
Archetype: *
Place of Origin: *
Criminal History: *

Estimated AttributesEdit

Strength 15 Charisma 15 Perception 15
Dexterity 15 Manipulation 15 Intelligence 15
Stamina 15 Appearance 15 Wits 15
Specializations: Attibute (Specialization)

Abilities and AptitudesEdit




Alertness 05 Animal Ken 05 Academics 05
Specializations: Ability (Specialization)

Supernatural DisciplinesEdit

Discipline 15 Discipline 15 Discipline 15

Development FactorsEdit




Background #1 05 Sample (1) Sample (-1)

Esoteric ValuesEdit


Final TraitsEdit

Conscience 15 Humanity 5525
Self-Control 15 Willpower 5505
Courage 15 Experience (Unspent) of (Total)

Background InformationEdit


Completed AssignmentsEdit


Researcher NotesEdit

(To be completed by staff only.)

Attach other media below.

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